2019 Programme of Activities

Tue 29th January 2019 19.30  Trinity House, Newcastle upon TyneThe Battle of Cape St. Vincent –  John Flynn a significant event in the French Revolutionary Wars, where a British fleet under Admiral Sir John Jervis defeated a larger Spanish fleet under Admiral Don José de Córdoba y Ramos near Cape St. Vincent, Portugal.  We might learn the truth about the ‘patent bridge’ and of course, our man was there too…  
Thu 7th March 2019 19:30The Newcastle upon Tyne Royal Grammar School (The Miller Theatre)  The Annual Collingwood Lecture this year is entitled Science, Cannibalism and the Franklin Expedition and is to be delivered by the renowned speaker Andrew Lambert, Laughton Professor of Naval History in the Department of War Studies at Kings College, London.  Many of you will have seen that the Canadians have now found the wrecks of both HMS EREBUS and HMS TERROR, the ships of the ill-fated Franklin Expedition to find the North-West Passage in 1845. Both recent television programmes and books reflect a justified and growing interest in this sad chapter in 19th century exploration.  For our historical perspective, Franklin was a Midshipman aboard HMS BELLEROPHON at the Battle of Trafalgar.
Thu 4th April 2019                       19.30Trinity House, Newcastle upon TyneThomas Masterman Hardy  A look at the man who captained HMS VICTORY at Trafalgar and was at Nelson’s side as he died. He had far more of interest in his naval career however and indeed went on to become First Naval Lord and a Member of Parliament. Society Chairman Capt Stephen Healy presents on this occasion.    
Wed 8th May 2019 19.30Trinity House, Newcastle upon TyneShips named CALLIOPE  Society member and ex Commanding Officer of HMS CALLIOPE, Cdr Andy Collier will be looking at the five RN ships and Gateshead’s current stone frigate that have carried the name so well known to us here on Tyneside. 
Sat 8th June: details tbcHendon (Old Sunderland)Summer outing:  Visit to the Aged Merchant Seamen’s Homes, otherwise known as Trafalgar Square, Sunderland, in the grounds of which is the historically significant ‘Trafalgar memorial’, detailing the 66 seamen from Old Sunderland who fought at the Battle of Trafalgar, to be followed by a visit to the grave of Jack Crawford in the adjacent churchyard (the lad who nailed the colours to the mast at the Battle of Camperdown), then a tour of the nearby Sunderland Maritime Trust (which has a 1/10th scale model of HMS VENERABLE – the ship to whose mast the colours were nailed) and concluding with lunch in a nearby restaurant, overlooking the River Wear.  Information to follow.  
Tue 9th July 2019 19.30Trinity House, Newcastle upon TyneAnother debutant and Society Member, Tim Gittins, overviews Justice in the Georgian Navy.  Tim had to be dissuaded from a practical demonstration of the infamous ‘cat’ but will, I am sure, anyway have some pretty sobering tales to tell. 
Thu 19th September 2019 19.30  Morpeth Town HallCuthbert Collingwood – a family man at sea Local historian and author Ian Whitehead delivers a biographical talk on the one-time Morpeth resident and his family.  Part of Morpeth’s Heritage Event.  Free to all.
Tue 15th October 2019 19.30Trinity House, Newcastle upon TyneThe funeral of Nelson  The grandest state occasion of the era, lasting over five days is described by a fourth first time Society speaker, this time being Terry Walton.   The detail in this story is amazing and many people who are of interest to the Society took part in the processions, services and ceremonies. 
Mon 21st October 2019 10.00The Cathedral Church of St. Nicholas, Newcastle upon TyneAnnual short Commemorative Service at the Collingwood bust in the rear of the Church.  Public event.
Mon 21st October 2019 10.30St Paul’s Cathedral, LondonAnnual service in the Nelson Chamber (close to the NW crypt door).  Commemorates the memory of both Nelson and Collingwood.
Mon 21st October 2019 11.30Collingwood Monument, TynemouthThe annual ‘Toast the Admiral’ event, hosted by North Tyneside Council.  On the midday hour, at which the first shot was fired in the Battle of Trafalgar, raise a glass to our hero.  Free grog.
Mon 21st October 2019 11.30Morpeth Town HallAnnual commemoration in the Butter Market (foyer of the Town Hall), around the Collingwood bust. 
Mon 21st October 2019  15.00St Mary’s Church (Heritage Centre), GatesheadAnnual commemorative event, centred on John William Trotter, Master of HMS LEVIATHAN at the Battle of Trafalgar, who is buried in the churchyard.  Public event.
Fri 1st November 2019 19.00  Trinity House, Newcastle upon TyneFollowing our inaugural ‘Pickle Night’ last year, we will endeavor to not only replicate, but build on the success of the event.  The traditional end to ‘Trafalgar’ commemorations, the occasion marks the arrival of HMS PICKLE and the carriage of the news of both victory at Trafalgar and the death of Nelson to London by Lt. John Lapenotière.  Full of fun, costume, great ‘character’ food and home-made entertainment, this all ticket event is not to be missed.  Details to follow. 
Thu 7th November 2019 19.30Trinity House, Newcastle upon TyneAnnual General Meeting of the Society, followed by the now traditional ‘pub-style’ quiz, based on Collingwood/Nelson/ Trafalgar/Georgian Navy.  Formalities will be swiftly dealt with and thereafter, we will again not be taking things too seriously… just make sure you know the names of our Admiral’s girls, can spell ‘Euryalus’ and can manage a good guess at how many nautical miles it is from Gibraltar to Plymouth.
Thu 5th December 2019 19.30Trinity House, Newcastle upon TyneBover and his Gang  Tales of the Tyneside press gang and its notorious Captain, by Society member and historian Dr Tony Barrow.  Regarded locally with considerable dread, Captain Bover nonetheless gained the approval of the local authorities and was eventually afforded the honour of a burial in St. Nicholas Cathedral.