2019 AGM and Quiz

Thursday 7th November 2019:  7.30pm:  the Newcastle upon Tyne Trinity House: Collingwood Society 2019 Annual General Meeting, followed by Quiz.


Our AGM meeting is around again.  Business will be expedited as quickly as possible, but is actually both legally required and necessary.  Do come along and help determine the direction the Society goes in the coming year.  Relevant papers have been circulated to members.  If you are interested in getting involved as a Trustee or Officer, contact the Secretary for more information.


After the AGM, we will again be running a quiz.  Nothing too serious or competitive, save perhaps in your own mind.  Collingwood, Trafalgar, the Georgian Navy – its battles, ships and characters, presentations from the last year – all are fair game for the quiz-master.  Join in and be pleasantly surprised by how much you do actually know…..


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