Bover and his Gang: The Newcastle upon Tyne Trinity House: Thursday 5th December: 7.30pm.

Our last event of the year is coming up and should prove a popular one.

Regular speaker Dr Tony Barrow will present on one of his personal favourite local characters in Bover and his Gang at the Newcastle upon Tyne Trinity House at 7.30p, on Thursday 5th December.

The river was of course a rich hunting ground for the press gang, principally due to the hard-earned experience of the Tyneside sailors.  Captain John Bover was the Regulating Officer of the Port of Newcastle for some 24 years, a duty which included being responsible for impressment.  He was known however for overseeing this barbaric task with tact and discretion, eventually being honoured with a public funeral and interment in St. Nicholas’ Cathedral.

Do help us close out 2019 with a good attendance.




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