Pickle Night 2018

The Collingwood Society’s inaugural Pickle Night Dinner: The Banqueting Hall of the Newcastle upon Tyne Trinity House: Friday 2nd November 2018:

The Society is holding a ‘Pickle Night’ in response to a request for more social activities tabled at last year’s Annual General Meeting.  An organising committee has developed a fun-filled and imaginative programme for the event, complete with costume, entertainment and traditional fare, all of which relate to life on the gun deck of a wooden warship.


What is a ‘Pickle Night?

Whilst the Officers of the Royal Navy traditionally commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar with a formal dinner on or near 21st October, the “lower deck” (and others) commemorate the arrival of the news of the victory – and of Nelson’s death – on board HMS PICKLE, some days later.


How does it work and what will happen?

Tables will represent different gun crews, each with an appointed ‘Gun Captain’.  We have chosen to name the guns geographically, provisionally being Morpeth, Durham, Gosforth, Derwenthaugh, Gateshead and Northumberland.  (This may change depending on numbers). Each gun crew will consist of 8 members.

The Gun Captain is responsible for his ‘gun’ and will appoint various team members to attend to vittles, liquid refreshments, cleaning, entertainments and other menial, yet necessary ‘chores’.

The evening will be supervised by the ‘First Lieutenant’, who will regulate activities and hold the Gun Captains to account.

Each ‘gun’ must contribute a ‘dit’ (being a short song, dance, monologue, story or the like – once the gun crews are sorted, the Gun Captain will arrange this).  In addition, we will have a hornpipe demonstration from the Ashington Sea Cadet Unit.

But rest assured, it will all be done in the spirit of fun!  There will be entertainment, games and there will be prizes!

FANCY DRESS is highly encouraged and is themed on 1805 naval or period costume.  The easy option is the simple sailor’s outfit, but you can come as Lady Hamilton or a full Admiral if you so wish.


How do I get to come and can I bring guests?

Contact thomas@collingwoodsociety.co.uk to declare your interest (indicate numbers of tickets required and a preference for assignment to a particular gun).  Guests are welcome and there is no priority for Society Members on this occasion. Captain Thomas will confirm availability and you then have 14 days to make payment.  This can be by cheque or bank transfer, for which details will be given on request.

Tickets are £21 per head.  Do it now, places are limited!!


Pâté Bonaparte

Beef stew in plundered cob loaf, thickened with arrowroot

Gunner’s spotted dick and custard

Cheese platter with ship’s biscuits

Tot of rum

The pate will be acceptable to vegetarians and a main course option of Quorn chicken stew is available. Gluten Free alternatives are also available.

(Dietary requirements will be ascertained after confirmation of tickets).

ALCOHOLIC DRINKS ARE ON A ‘BRING YOUR OWN’ BASIS (as we cannot adequately cater for the inevitable varied tastes of all participants). Drinking vessels will be provided, although you may wish to bring your own pewter tankards.  Cooling facilities will be provided and a small selection of soft drinks will be available for a nominal donation.  And there is always the provisioner Mr. Tesco just across the road, although going in there dressed as a sailor on a Friday Night will be entirely at your own risk….


Gangway down:  19.30 hours

Carriages: 23.00 hours





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