Special Reserve Gunpowder Strength Collingwood Rum

Launch of a new tipple named in honour of our Admiral

The Society’s trustees were recently approached in connection with the launch of a new rum called ‘Collingwood Special Reserve’, with a commendable Gunpowder Proof 57% strength.   It has been created by by the Alnwick Rum & Spirits Company Limited, a sister company to Lindisfarne Mead and the directors were convinced from the outset that our Admiral was a worthy subject for such a product.  I am pleased to confirm that the Society has purchased a small stock and that a bottle will be the prize in the raffle at our November 2022 meeting (we’ll try anything to get you along….)

Click here   https://www.lindisfarnemead.com/product/collingwood-special-reserve-gunpowder-proof-57/    for more information on the rum and how to order your own supply!


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