The 2019 Quiz

Hoping you are all surviving the lock-down and are in good health.

As promised, for those who were not at the meeting, here is the 2019 Quiz, originally staged following the November 2019 AGM.  Of course, you can Google the answers, but that would spoil it, wouldn’t it?  And the Admiral would not approve of you cheating.  Answers now added below!!

  1. What was Collingwood’s date of birth?
  1. When he first went to sea, young Thomas Hardy was allowed to bring along his dog. What was its name?
  1. Which ship was immediately behind ROYAL SOVEREIGN at Trafalgar?
  1. What name has been given to the route that Lt. Lapanotiere followed from Falmouth to London?
  1. To whom did Collingwood say: “I have been thinking, whilst I looked at you, how strange it is that a man should grow so big and know so little. That’s all, Sir; that’s all.”
  1. In which Newcastle street was Cuthbert Collingwood born?
  1. What was the middle name of Captain Thomas Hardy?
  1. In which church did Collingwood get married?
  1. Lord Eldon once met Lord Collingwood in the Strand and observed that tears flowed down his cheeks. What reason did Collingwood give when pressed as to the reason?
  1. From what port did Collingwood sail on his last voyage?
  1. What are the first four digits of Trafalgar Square in London?
  1. What colloquial term was applied to the punishment for young boy sailors whereby they would be bent over a cannon and caned with a rattan stick?
  1. Which came first in Trafalgar Square – Nelson’s column, the lions or the fountains?
  1. From what (specifically) was Nelson’s coffin made?
  1. At what battle did Nelson ‘turn a blind eye’?
  1. What was the surname of Collingwood’s gardener in Morpeth?
  1. On which ship did Collingwood succeed Nelson as Post-Captain in 1780?
  1. Name the two ships involved in the 1845 Franklin Expedition.
  1. How many seaborne vessels have been commissioned in the Royal Navy bearing the name HMS CALLIOPE?
  1. Complete the following Collingwood quotation: “”whenever I think how I am to be happy again, my thoughts….”
  1. What was the name of Cuthbert Collingwood’s seafaring brother?
  1. To the mast of which ship did Jack Crawford nail the colours?
  1. At which battle did this take place?
  1. Which Admiral, a devout Christian, known by his men as ‘Dismal Jim’, voluntarily requested his own court-martial to clear his name?
  1. Which was Nelson’s blind eye?
  1. Where did the 1884 Calypso-class corvette HMS CALLIOPE famously get caught in a tropical cyclone?
  1. Which Admiral was executed by a squad of his own marines aboard HMS MONARCH in 1757?
  1. What term was applied to the practise of striking a seaman across the back with a rattan cane or short length of rope as ‘encouragement to work’?
  1. What rank did Collingwood hold at Trafalgar?
  1. Where was Horatio Nelson born?
  1. On which ship did Collingwood serve at the Battle of the Glorious 1st of June?
  1. In the last years of his life what institution was Admiral Hardy the Governor of?
  1. Sir John Franklin commanded one ship on the 1845 expedition; who commanded the other?
  1. On which ship did Collingwood and Nelson serve together?
  1. What line follows “Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves”….
  1. How many ships of the line did the combined French and Spanish fleet have at Trafalgar?
  1. On which ship was the French sharpshooter who did for Nelson?
  1. The Battle of the Nile took place in which bay?
  1. Where did the body of Nelson lie in state?
  1. After which battle are the Seamen’s Almshouses in Hendon, Sunderland named?
  1. What was the name of Collingwood’s flagship on 26th October 1805?
  1. How many stops did Lt. Lapanotiere make to change horses en route from Falmouth to London?
  1. The well-known sea song ‘Spanish Ladies’ contains the line “From Ushant to Scilly is thirty-five leagues”.. How many nautical miles is that?
  1. As the body of Nelson was conveyed up river, who was designated ‘Chief Mourner’?
  1. Of where was Collingwood Baron?
  1. What was the name of the Commissioner’s wife in Antuiga, who became a confidente of both Nelson and Collingwood?
  1. In which city do the ‘Collingwood Football Club’ , known as the Magpies, play?
  1. Who said of Collingwood ““I think, since heaven made gentlemen, there is no record of a better (sometimes quoted as finer) one.”
  1. Which ship holds the record for the fastest rate of broadside fire in the age of sail?
  1. How many individual sheets of copper are on the hull of HMS VICTORY?

And the unused tie-breaker…..TB:     How many Trafalgar Squares are listed between Cornwall and Cumbria on


  1. 26th September 1748
  2. Bounce (yes, the same name as given to our Admiral’s canine companion)
  4. The Trafalgar Way
  5. Captain Edward Rotheram, RN
  6. The Side
  7. Masterman
  8. St. Nicholas Cathedral, Newcastle upon Tyne
  9. His ship’s crew had just been paid off and he had “lost all his children/family”
  10. Port Mahon (Maó) Menorca
  11. WC2N
  12. “Kissing the Gunner’s Daughter”
  13. Column first [1843], then fountains [1845], then lions [1867]
  14. From timbers of the French ship L’ORIENT
  15. The Battle of Copenhagen
  16. Scott
  19. 5
  20. ….”carry me back to Morpeth”
  21. Wilfred
  23. The Battle of Camperdown
  24. Admiral James Gambier, RN
  25. Right
  26. Samoa
  27. Admiral John Byng, RN
  28. Starting
  29. Vice Admiral of the Blue
  30. Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk
  32. The Greenwich Naval Hospital
  33. Captain Francis Rawdon Moira Crozier, RN
  34. HMS LOWESTOFFE – in 1779
  35. “Britons never, never, never… …Shall be slaves”
  36. 33
  38. Aboukir Bay
  39. The Great Hall, Greenwich Hospital, London
  40. The Battle of Trafalgar
  42. 21
  43. 91.24 nm
  44. Admiral Sir Peter Parker, RN, Bart
  45. Caldburne and Hethpool in Northumberland
  46. Mrs. Mary Moutray
  47. Melbourne  (Aussie Rules)
  48. William Macepeace Thakeray
  50. 3,923

TB:  15

( E&OE, answers deemed correct at time of quiz.  Winning score on the night was 37/50  74% – well done, Flags! )

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