‘The Royal Navy and Slavery’

Wednesday 12th July 2023, 7.30pm: The Newcastle upon Tyne Trinity House

Society member Terry Walton will examine the links between ‘The Royal Navy and Slavery’.   The Navy’s support for a slave-based economy in various areas was part of government policy at the time, but they equally fought with a dogged determination to eradicate it after the passing of the 1807 Act of Abolition of the Slave Trade.  The roles of certain well-known naval officers in both aspects is also of interest to the Society.  Some will say this is a brave topic to tackle, others that it is long overdue.  Terry will be guaranteed to bring his customary thorough research to his talk and it is keenly awaited.  There are many questions, many assumptions, many facts surrounding this controversial subject.  By the end of the night, we will all be better informed.

Free entry for Society members, £3 admission for visitors.


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