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Trafalgar Day 2017 reports and gallery

Trafalgar Day 2017 Images and reports on Trafalgar commemorations at various venues….   St. Paul’s Cathedral, London: 20th October:  The Society was represented here by Ian Wallace, who accompanied members of the Collingwood family to the annual commemorations.  Images courtesy

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Trafalgar Commemorations 2017

Trafalgar Commemorations 2017 This year’s Trafalgar Commemorations are spread across two days, due to the 21st itself falling on a Saturday and certain places preferring the nearest week-day, rather than the actual anniversary. Events at which the Collingwood Society is

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The Royal Marines

Tuesday 26th September: 7.30pm:  The Newcastle Upon Tyne Trinity House Lt-Col Jack Ashman, ex-Commanding Officer of the Royal Marines Reserve (Tyne), looks at the history of the Royal Marines, with an emphasis on the Trafalgar period.  This is not an

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Special Offer: ‘Admiral Collingwood – Nelson’s Own Hero’ – Max Adams

The Collingwood Society has a limited number of signed copies of the 2015 (2nd) edition of this definitive modern work on the Admiral.  It is highly recommended for those who wish to learn more about the Admiral and his lifetime’s devotion to

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Collingwood’s Midshipmen

Thursday 7th September 2017, 19.30 hrs:  Morpeth Town Hall Collingwood Society Secretary, author and regular speaker Dr. Tony Barrow returns to one of his ever-popular themes with this talk on ‘Collingwood’s Midshipmen’, some of whom were from his native north-east. This is part of Morpeth’s

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2017 Summer Outing

Saturday 20th May 2017, 11am – 3pm: The gardens of Collingwood House, Morpeth, Northumberland Feedback from the membership encouraged us to stage more social events and this is in response to that request.  Although there is history to be seen

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The 2017 Collingwood Lecture: Naval Surgery during the French Wars 1792-1815

Thursday 9th March 2017, 1930hrs:  The Newcastle upon Tyne Royal Grammar School (Performing Arts Centre, doors open 1900 hrs). A real treat, but we tactfully suggest you consider delaying your evening meal until after attending this, our prestigious annual lecture,

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‘Prisoner of the Sea’

Tuesday 14th February 2017, 19.30 hrs:  Trinity House, Newcastle upon Tyne Collingwood biographer and Society member Max Adams presents new insights into our Admiral from his private and public correspondence. In much the same way as social media is used

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Master & Commander – the life and career of John William Trotter RN

Thursday 26th January 2017:  19.30:  St. Mary’s Heritage Centre, Gateshead John William Trotter, a son of Gateshead, was the Master of HMS LEVIATHAN at the Battle of Trafalgar.  The venue for tonight’s talk is appropriate, as John is buried in

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The Great Mutinies

Thursday 1st December, 7.30pm.  The Newcastle upon Tyne Trinity House. The way in which their Lordships at the Admiralty viewed (and treated) their sailors at the end of 1797 led to mutinies onboard Royal Navy ships off Portsmouth at Spithead

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